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 Low Altitude Imaging in the Northwest 

The Challenges:

Distinct to the northwest is our predictable weather with its infamous, sometimes unrelenting humidity. Conducting view study operations via low altitude require constant permission from Mother nature. So scheduling becomes a challenge as high-season imaging is concentrated to the short months available. PSA must continue to schedule well in advance for some but accommodate short turn-around for those inspired by a beautiful, sunny day. Weather permitting, we’ll make sure results meet your deadline. Contact our studios for scheduling information and estimates. (206) 271-3308.


The unique challenge of providing professional, high resolution results at altitudes that allow horizon based perspective is met with both state-of-the-art tools and careful planning. Often the challenge for the client is cost. The key is choice. Providing meaningful result at price points that also attract smaller business clients start with a clear communication of options. And that communication is best achieved visually. PSA Imaging provides sample imaging that best relates to your project.

Other considerations of cost include the number of locations or frequency of imaging. If you are looking to have multiple sites imaged, certainly expect a reduction in cost. PSA can absolutely guarantee that there will be no surprise on the invoice. We pride ourselves in precise communication in all aspects of every project including the estimate. Being cost competitive is only one reason we're the best choice for aerial imaging in the northwest. Contact PSA Imaging for an estimate on your project and to learn more about our expanding services. (206) 271-3308.


PSA Quality:

The most important information for many is cost. PSA has never been known for offering the lowest priced imaging. Our primary concern has been and will always be results. The absolute highest quality aerial imaging requires necessary planning, the latest state-of-the-art camera technology and the skills attained throughout our many years of experience. We encourage you to shop around. While we strive to maintain our reputation at the top end of professional quality, there are countless photo services that bring adequate results at a very low cost. You do indeed get what you pay for.


PSA pricing begins at 250 dollars.  Of course much depends on the requested task, number of sites, location/frequency and the number of visits needed to capture the request. Significant discounts are applied to progress aerials. It's not uncommon for on-going site imaging to range from 250-300 per site session. Our cost and efforts to achieve a very high end result will often put the range between 3,500-6,500, especially when view studies are included. View study efforts, panaramic imaging and general 360 results are priced per elevation, location and by requested results.  Aerial video/film projects vary greatly in terms of cost depending on both time and location where day rates may apply. PSA also offers ground & sea level packaging to augment your aerial project needs. Prices in general are dependent upon the tool required. In every case, our goal is to present better than expected results that will never exceed the estimate.  Please call PSA for specific pricing information.  206-271-3308.

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